Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It Wasn't Me

The office I work in is one of many small offices on a large floor of a large building, and all of us lovely ladies share the same public restroom.  The restroom door is locked, and only the tenants have a key which was a real shame for someone a few months ago, who, I imagine, raced to the bathroom one day, but couldn't get in because they did not have a key, and therefore they conducted their business right outside the locked door.  Another time, I'm told, someone walked into the bathroom to discover a man and a woman, not dressed in "professional attire", at the sinks, not washing their hands.  And it's also not unheard of to be in the stall and have another person standing outside your door talking to you.

So I'm always grateful when I unlock the door and all 5 stalls are empty, and I can feel as if I am in a private bathroom as opposed to a public one.  Today, however, my joy was short-lived as I opened the door to an empty bathroom, void of people but not smell.  I decided to be quick, and entered Stall #2.  A few seconds later the door opened, and someone entered Stall #1 but not without first muttering "Disgusting" which I'm sure was said as soon as they breathed through their nose.  I fought the urge to shout out, "It wasn't me. It smelled like that when I got in here too" but decided to just be quiet and get out of there before they did.  I succeeded in getting as far as the sinks before the door opened, and another person walked in.  This person sniffed and looked at me with an almost accusing look.  Again, I fought the urge to defend myself as not being the perpetrator of the smell.  I continued to wash my hands, and as I hurried to the door, I turned back and said, "It smelled like that when I got here too."  Then I went to the door, thrilled to escape the smell, the feeling that germs abounded, and to get back to my clean desk and office, only to touch a wet door handle. ARRGGHH!!!!


  1. Having grown up with all your siblings and parents I wonder why that smell would disgust you.

  2. Do you really expect us to believe that?