Friday, June 1, 2012

Fun Friday!

Today was the best Fun Friday ever.  For those of you who don't read my blog regularly, there will be some references to previous blogs so let me catch you up to speed.

Fun Friday originated at work between me and my co-worker Hailyn.  Fun Friday is a day that you wear jeans, order a really good lunch, and by really good, I mean really bad in terms of healthy eating.  Some Fun Fridays even begin with chips 'n dip that we buy from the convenience store across the street at 10 AM.  But there's always bad eating, that's a given.  Sometimes we even go out for a long lunch, with the boss's permission, mind you, or the boss buys us lunch.  The other definite of Fun Friday is doing little work, unless you count shopping online or watching music videos on YouTube as work.  Yes, there is also dance music playing, rather loudly at times, and dancing in our cubicles.  Fun Friday is, in a nutshell, FUN!

The only downer to Fun Friday is when others don't understand the concept of Fun Friday.  For example, our other co-worker is a little bit of a downer, all right, I'm being nice, she IS a downer.  She doesn't wear jeans EVER, doesn't eat bad food, and if she ever feels evil enough to order with us, she hardly eats anything and tells us repeatedly how her meal is going to last her all weekend while we shovel the entire meal into our mouths and then immediately thereafter begin talking about how we need something sweet to polish off the meal and thereby enhance the fun that is Fun Friday.  The downer also almost always has a "boo boo belly" which is fancy talk for an upset stomach, and from previous blogs, you will have learned that every time she says "boo boo belly", it is like nails on a chalkboard to me.  She is also a hard worker and ALWAYS overwhelmed with work, but it is work that no one can help her with.  I know because I have asked in an effort to make her more fun.  So picture Hailyn and I eating, dancing, laughing and shopping while she runs around from computer to copier to file cabinet all while complaining of a "boo boo belly" and wearing dress-up clothes.  DOWNER!  There are also clients who don't understand Fun Friday, and they show up or call, expecting us to take messages or make appointments for them or listen to their tales of woe, self-inflicted tales of woe, mind you, as there would be no tale to tell if they didn't get in trouble in the first place for their own wrongdoing.

The other thing you need to know is that I have been trying to get past my aversion to exercising and have been spending a lot of time bonding with my new treadmill.  I've only seen a weight loss of 5 lbs, but have been told I look better so I'm guessing my hard work is paying off.

Now fast forward to being Friday.  I took the day off from work.  Initially I asked for the day off because I needed to take my son to a doctor's appointment.  I thought I could go to the mall before picking him up at 11, and spend my Christmas and Mother's Day gift cards.  However, the mall didn't open until 10, and that wasn't going to allow enough time. So although I had the day off, I wasn't thinking I would be able to observe the weekly holiday known as Fun Friday.

So this morning I was awakened by my husband telling me that he was taking his motorcycle to work and Jake would take his car to work so that I didn't have to bring Jake to his doctor's appointment. Bonus!  Now I could go to the mall.  So as I lay in bed, I planned my Fun Friday.  I got Nathan and Allie on the bus and off to school; we average MAKING the bus in the morning maybe twice a week, so this was already a plus.  I then came home, threw in a load of laundry and baked a cake as my husband of almost 13 years had just announced the other day that his favorite dessert was chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.  Staying with the positive theme of Fun Friday, it's good to learn something new about your spouse after all these years, right? I'm not a bad wife for not knowing that, right?

Then I headed to the mall which is just under an hour away.  Oh yeah, I was also having a good hair day.  On the way to the mall, I heard all my favorite songs which I sang at the top of my lungs.  My first stop was DSW. I had never been to DSW which is SHOE HEAVEN!!! 
I didn't know where to begin, but then saw my favorite sign "Clearance" so headed to my size.  DSW isn't cheap, and for someone who doesn't like to pay more than $20 for any item, this was the section for me.  I found 2 pairs of shoes here and then began to walk the hundreds (all right maybe more like 40) of aisles of regular-priced shoes where I found another pair.  I paid with my gift card and coupons and ended up leaving with $10 left on my gift card for a future visit.  Then it was off to Macy's to spend my other gift card.  I was in search of pants for work, Monday thru Thursday pants, in other words, not jeans.  I found 2 pairs in my size that were regularly $98 but were 80% off which would have made me buy them just for that but then the best thing happened.  I tried them on, and they were TOO BIG!  After a quick thank you to my treadmill for not bucking me off anymore, I returned them to the rack and grabbed the next size down.  I then found 2 cute summer tops and headed to the cashier.  I went over my gift card by $7, but I gladly paid it for my smaller-sized clothes.

Then I headed home, windows open, good hair blowing in the cool breeze, sunglasses on, again hearing my favorite songs on the radio, singing along, pleased with my new purchases and looking forward to my daughter's concert at school at 2:00, and then it happened.  Something that could potentially be a literal buzzkill to Fun Friday...a bee flew into my open window and flew into my shirt.  I pulled my shirt out and could see it and feel it flying in my armpit.  I tried to reach it through my shirt to no avail so I ripped off my seatbelt, ripped off my shirt and began beating the bee until it could fly no more.  It was then time to get off on my exit so I figured I would just put my shirt back on while on the exit ramp.  Then a car began to pass me, and I thought, "Oh great!"  I looked over and a nice young man, who was clearly in need of an eye exam, gave me a big smile and a thumbs-up.  So see, nothing bad really ever happens on Fun Friday!

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