Friday, January 25, 2013

These Dreams

Mucinex should really list as one of its side effects: crazy, bizarre dreams.

I have been suffering from a cold all week and have been faithfully taking Mucinex.  I take it in the morning, again late afternoon and then before bed.  So I am not abusing it, and I'm not even reaching the daily maximum intake.

But during the day, I have a short fuse and at night bizarre, really bizarre dreams.  I have never taken much stock in dream interpretation, and there have been some dreams that I wouldn't want interpreted for me.  Some dreams I can justify as happening because I thought about a person that day or an event, and then it manifested itself into my dream.  But Mucinex dreams are a far stretch of reality.

The first dream had me driving in a less desirable neighborhood of Worcester and then getting lost there.  It seemed I was driving around in circles until my car died.  As soon as the car stopped, I noticed scary people coming out of dilapidated and rundown buildings all around me.  We'll call these people gangsters.  They surrounded my car, and without ever speaking a word to me or to each other, they removed the door off of my car and pulled me out.  I was brought to a room where I was made to sit in a chair while they formed a circle around me.  Everyone just stared, and no one spoke. Well, except for me, who kept asking what was going on and why I was there.  Then I woke up.  (This dream could possibly be explained by a story I had heard at work that day.)

In the second dream I was in a tree, way up high, by myself.  I wasn't playing with any other children, I wasn't a child in the dream, and there was no other scenery around.  I was just in a tree.  Then I heard a siren, and a firetruck appeared, and a ladder started to be extended toward me.  Firemen got off the truck, and I couldn't make out their faces because I was so high up in the tree.  One fireman began climbing the ladder, and as he reached me, I realized it was a fireman from my town. He instructed me to climb down the ladder, and I did.  (This dream could be explained by my new favorite show Chicago Fire or by my sister's FB posts of firemen; however, the town fireman was no Kelly Severide.)

The third dream had me riding on a sleek black panther with beautiful blue eyes that looked like glass, and we were racing across a big open field.  (This dream may have been an interpretation of my jealousy the day before watching snowmobilers crossing a field in town, or it may have been something else.)

And in last night's dream I was a breadstick...not the lame boring Stella Dora breadstick but the buttery, garlic Olive Garden breadstick. I was in the Olive Garden to go breadstick bag with 3 other breadsticks.  While my head was on top of my breadstick, the other 3 just had those beady eyes that you use with kids for crafts and glue onto things and then shake them to watch the eyes move.  (This dream is a sign of what I should have for lunch today, I'm sure of it.)


  1. OMG you are freaking awesome. This is why I love you so very much. You know, it's really great that you can remember your dreams so vividly. Good for you for getting them written down, too. Some day you'll read this post and think "Oh wow - I had forgotten all about that." :) xoxo

    1. Thanks Jenn. I usually can't remember them this vividly, but these were so weird and so out there that I woke up in a state of shock. Miss you xoxo