Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lots of Miles, Lots of Thoughts

Each work day I drive 50 minutes to work and 50 minutes home from work.  During that time, I often find my mind wandering to some very random thoughts.  Many times these thoughts are not in sequence or connect with a previous thought, but just pop into my head and make me wonder...

Do people driving by me while I'm singing think I am in a band practicing my latest number or a hopeful American Idol contestant practicing for my big audition?  Why do I hear more rock music on WSRS than WAAF lately?  When did I become old enough to like WSRS?  Why do birds only sit on the Ararat St. sign on 190 and not the one 100 feet before it or 100 feet after it?  Why do people always cut me off when 190 becomes 290?  Why am I never caller 14 to win things on WXLO?  What am I going to have for lunch today? Did I take anything out of the freezer for supper?  Maybe I should call home and ask Jake to take something out?  How did my parents ever let me drive home alone through the night from South Carolina with no cell phone when I was 18? How did they sleep at all during the night while I was driving? Am I being ridiculous to ask Jake to text me when he gets to  Haverhill, 45 minutes away from home?  Will my hair be white or gray when I get old? Should I cut my hair?  Why can't I remember this song on the radio?  Oh yeah, "Rumpshaker", who sings it?  Why does it make me shake my rump? Why do I know every word?  Why do I still like this song?  Why does it remind me of afterparties at Jeff Daigneault's?  I miss ShBooms.  I miss my Worcester friends.  I should call Amy tonight.  Maybe we can go out for our birthdays.  What would I wear?  Where would we go?  Where do people our ages go in Worcester to have fun these days?  Why do I always feel old and overdressed at dance clubs now?  When did I become "the lady" instead of "the girl"?  You know, like when you're in a store and a child bumps you, and the mom says, "Say sorry to the lady".  When did I become the lady and not the girl?  Will my girl, my daughter, still look like me when she's older?  Will she get married and have babies someday?  I loooooooovvvvvveeee babies.  Will my sons get married?  Will my daughters-in-law hate me because their husbands, my sons, are so used to having Mom doing everything for them?  Should I teach them how to do laundry, how to make basic foods?  HA HA, remembering when I made macaroni and cheese for the first time by myself, followed all the directions, drained the macaroni in the collander in the sink, put the collander back on the stovetop, read the next direction of adding milk and butter and added them, right into the collander, right on the stovetop, letting it all drain out into the gas burner, into the stove.  Oops... the directions really should say to put the macaroni back into the pan before adding the milk and butter.  Who came up with directions and original recipes?  Who decided to mix such and such, taste it, and name it?  Who comes up with names for streets?  Why does every town have a street named for at least one kind of tree? Maple? Elm?  Oak?  Pine?  Birch?  What trees didn't make the cut?  HA HA, remembering the one year I got a real Christmas tree, put it in the back of my pickup truck and drove across Worcester to the designated spot to drop off old Christmas trees, got out of the truck, no tree in the back anymore LOL.  I liked my truck, I thought I was so cool in that little pick-up truck. I liked four-wheeling, and I was good at it.  I've never ridden a four-wheeler, ATV or snowmobile, and someday I want to try that.  I hate being cold though so maybe I should skip the snowmobiling.  Man, it's hot in here, the kids are right, I do blast the heat in the car, maybe I should turn it down, then I'll be too cold, I'll just leave it on and open the window a crack.  It never fails in the parking lot at work that someone always turns for the one open spot at the top of the lot before I can get there, and then I end up in the back of the lot.  Oh well, it's the only exercise I do all day, I guess I can handle the extra 50 feet, how lazy am I?  Oh shoot, forgot to roll up the window, back in the car, turn the key, roll up the window, shut the car off, lock the door and off to work.  Hope there's a good song on the radio on the way home so I can fool other drivers into thinking I'm an aspiring rock star.  Yeah, right, in my mini-van, that's what they think...

Yeah, random thoughts...anyone else do this?  Yes or no?  Circle one.


  1. I'm amazed that you can remember all that. My mind wanders the same way, but after it all I'd only remember thinking about what I was going to have for lunch.

  2. Yes! Thought it was only me having these crazy "stream of conciousness" monologues! Thanks for the laugh and thanks for making me feel a tiny bit less crazy (or at least, less lonely crazy!)

  3. Sue, I only remember it b/c the same thoughts go through my head more often than once. Sometimes my thoughts vary like the other day when I wondered why Mrs. Quinn at hockey always wears her hair in a ponytail? What does she look like with her hair down? Why do I call her Mrs. Quinn when she's my age or younger and is a fellow hockey mom?
    Karen, thanks for acknowledging that we are both crazy LOL! Roomies at the loonie bin someday?