Friday, February 3, 2012

Fun Friday!

My co-worker and I like to celebrate Fun Friday, each and every Friday.  Fun Friday means wearing jeans to work, eating good stuff (which means bad stuff) all day, and smiling and laughing and just having a good time and not allowing anything or anyone to ruin it.

Today's Fun Friday started with me replacing my 2 front tires, something that I've been needing to do for weeks as my tires resemble those on a Big Wheel with no tread whatsoever.  The slightest bit of snow has me struggling to drive up even the smallest of inclines, so it was time.  So this morning I paid a visit to my friends at Tire Warehouse. They are my friends because between me and Jake, we should have reserved parking in one of their bays.  Instead of being down at having to spend money on tires, I put my best Fun Friday smile and attitude on and walked to the desk. First of all, I got to call my boss and say I'd be late, and going in late to work just starts Fun Friday off on the right foot right off the bat.  So as I got to the desk, I was armed with my receipts from former tire purchases in hopes of taking advantage of their wonderful warranty because in case I didn't mention, I am a frequent customer who replaces tires in much the same way that my oldest child replaces cell phones.  So I opened with, "I need to replace my 2 front tires, and I believe they are under warranty if you could check for me."  My Tire Warehouse friend checked the computer and found that I had purchased 2 tires there in 2011 to which I informed him I had also purchased 2 other tires at another time at the Worcester location and asked if that was coming up on the computer.  He smiled, thinking he was getting out of the warranty and said that Worcester's records don't show up on their computer.  "Well," I answered with a smile of my own, "it's a good thing I brought my receipt with me then," as I pulled my secret weapon out of my pocketbook.  Suddenly, now my tread is being measured on my 2 front tires, the mathematical formula is being put to use on my 2/32 worth of tread that is left.  (No lectures please, I KNOW I shouldn't have been driving on that but Big Wheels were always fun).  I was given $69.95 credit for each of my 2 front tires.  So even though I did have to spend money on something boring like tires, I look at it more as saving $140 ~ see, that is the Fun Friday attitude.

Fun Friday continued when I got to work and prepared my breakfast of chips 'n dip and sat down to log onto my computer.  My email contained a funny joke, my Facebook had a message from a friend I haven't talked to in awhile, I had a new friend request from a fellow hockey mom, I had another funny joke posting about how the Giants are going to win the Superbowl. Then an interruption...a potential new client called.  I talked to the client who also understood Fun Friday and thanked me for all my help with her questions.  As I hung up the phone, I noticed dip got on the phone so I opened the desk drawer for a napkin and saw the Swedish Fish that I had brought in earlier in the week and couldn't find.  A good Fun Friday find, for sure.  Then I decided to check the status of my tax refund which is scheduled to arrive next Friday.  Fun Friday then got kicked into overdrive as I saw that the refund was actually deposited into my account today!  So glad the IRS celebrates Fun Friday, too.

And now, as I finish my last chip, it's time to start our Fun Friday talks of what we are going to order for lunch. Fun Friday lunches are the best!  We ignore the places nearby where we get soups and salads from, we ignore the leftovers and sandwiches brought from home, and we splurge on calories and cost.  Last week's Fun Friday became a 2 hour field trip to Olive Garden so that will be hard to top, but I am sure we can figure out some special treat.

Enjoy your Fun Friday, and don't let any Debbie Downers or Buzzkill Bobs or Moody Marys take it away from you!


  1. I have Fun Fridays too! I've eaten 2 bagels and 2 bowls of cereal already today.

  2. Isn't Fun Friday so great? It's the best day. We're getting Viva Bene for lunch!

  3. What about rotten candy apples like vivi ann?