Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Somber Reminder

This weekend I was busy complaining about my cold and my stuffy nose, driving to and attending my children's hockey games and trying to find time to clean and grocery shop amid it all.

Today finds me thinking about another mom...a mom in my small town, where everyone knows everyone, a mom who lost her teenage son in a tragic car accident Friday night.  No, he wasn't out driving recklessly, wasn't drinking and driving, but instead was driving home from work when another car crossed the center line and struck his car in a horrific head-on collision.  Up until a month ago, my own teenage son worked with this young man, many times on Friday nights as well, and he took the same route home from work that this young man did. 

I can't pretend to know what this mom is feeling.  How do you pull yourself together to even get dressed, shower, eat, talk, never mind pick out clothes for your son, write his obituary, plan his funeral?  How do you even pick yourself up off the floor?  My heart breaks for this mom, and although I've never met her, and I never met her son, I cry for her.

Today I was also saddened to learn of another's passing this weekend.  20 years ago, my former boss's husband was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, and she watched the man she married become dependent on others and lose his independence slowly but surely these past 20 years.  This weekend he lost the fight, and I cry for her and her young adult children who have lost their father.

So...the laundry isn't done, the house isn't spotless, the grocery shopping didn't get done, but tonight I spent time with my children, talking, laughing and just hanging out together, and this weekend has reminded me of what's important, that time is never guaranteed and there may not be a tomorrow to make a new memory, and once again, that life is a gift.

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