Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Resolution: Failed

I had such great intentions for 2012.  I was going to make it my healthiest year yet.  I was going to lose some weight, eat healthier and exercise more.  I really meant it.

I like to cook, I like to snack, and I don't like to exercise.  These aren't excuses but facts.  I'm that girl who thinks chips 'n dip is one of the best creations, and has broadened that to not only include regular-flavored potato chips and good 'ol french onion dip, but also Cool Ranch Doritos and vegetable dip.  And although I do enjoy a nice walk on a nice day, and an occasional jump on the trampoline with the kiddos, I'm not into exercise.

But I wanted to do better this year. I wanted to look better in clothes, to have more freedom when shopping because I would look good in today's styles, to look healthier, trimmer and sexier, to have a new hairdo, to wear high heels more often.  Maybe it's this new decade I find myself in, but I look in the mirror and see frumpy, and I need to step up my game.

Well, the year is 1/3 of the way done, and I have not lost any weight, have not taken more than a couple walks and am still buying the same old sizes in clothes, and yesterday I ate chips 'n dip.

I am going to try to finish the rest of the year honoring my resolution.  It will be in slow steps so that I don't get overwhelmed and quit, small goals will be set and hopefully met, but as long as I am plugging along and trying to make some changes, I think I will be happy.

So hopefully soon I can look in the mirror, and I won't see frumpy, I won't feel like telling my reflection, "Liar, liar, pants on fire".  Actually, I'm really not that harsh on myself, it's more like "Fibber, fibber, don't break your zipper", and if you say it with a Boston accent, it does rhyme and is still a reference to my pants.....

1 comment:

  1. Well just remind yourself that at least you look 100 times better than that old Shieb Mamma!
    I know what you mean: I keep trying to trim down, but then I find a recipe for four cheese ravioli, and well....what can you do?
    Good luck, be healthy, be happy and remember that sexy is as sexy does!
    Or something.