Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Thank You

There are jobs...and then there are JOBS.  Every single one of us at some time in our life (hopefully) will have a job.  I enjoy my job most days, and generally feel a sense of fulfillment in what I do.  But my job isn't dangerous.  I suppose working for a criminal defense/personal injury attorney could be dangerous as our clientele aren't always the most law-abiding or upstanding citizens, but I go to work every day without fear.  I don't worry about being harmed or injured, other than the dreaded and very painful paper cut.

But there are those who go to work every day not knowing what will happen.  They get a call of distress, and their job is to respond.  Any call could be a bad one.  Any call could be dangerous.  And any call could be harmful.  Yet, these firefighters and police officers answer the calls.  They respond to the call and help those in need, every day, every shift, every call.

And when do we say thank you?  When we are reminded of their bravery because another firefighter or police officer has died?  I am guilty of this myself, and I will admit that I don't often think of these dangerous occupations until something goes wrong, until someone gets injured or loses their life.  Think about their job description...willing to risk your life for another, willing to enter a burning building to pull someone out, willing to face a person holding a weapon, willing to disarm someone to protect another.  I don't know about you, but those job requirements kind of put my job description to shame.

Not only are these men and women brave, but think about their families, their spouses, their children.  Every day that a firefighter or police officer leaves the house to go to work, the spouse knows where he or she is going, the spouse knows the danger, and the spouse stays behind...waiting for his or her personal hero to come home from their shift. 

So tonight, in the wake of more firefighters dying in the line of duty, unable to save themselves while trying to save others, strangers no less....I'd like to say to the firefighters and police officers "Thank you.  Thank you for being willing to do this job and for putting others before yourselves.  And thank you to your spouses, your children, and your families for sharing your brave men and women with us."  You are everyday heroes.

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